The Culinary School Uganda



The Culinary School Uganda is a specialized culinary institution in East Africa with its main offices and campus in Uganda, offering inspirational culinary arts courses. It also offers foods and beverages services in form of banquets, organic groceries, culinary literature and mouthwatering local and international cuisine catering services. All this is done at the hands of professional chefs trained to international standards. The School was founded by a renowned Chef, Henry Wanyama, a leading TV cookery show presenter, The Chef ‘on NBS and ‘Kitchen Delight’ on NTV. Concerned with the influx of foreign expatriates in the hospitality sector in Uganda, and how employers preferred them to their indigenous counterparts, Chef Henry set out on a fact-finding study on the matter to enable him compare the training systems in other countries with ours, His major discovery was that there is a wide skills gap among Ugandans in the tourism and hospitality sector that has caused employers to prefer foreigners to the locals. In his quest to bridge up the gap, he traveled to different countries to understand how best to offer training that matches the market needs of the hospitality sector. After compiling all the knowledge and experiences he opened up a culinary institute to bridge this skills gap, and upon this background, the Culinary School began in 2016.

The Culinary School strikes a distinction in the ability to equip students with top-notch culinary skills, up-to-date TCSU has trained over 400 professional chefs who have gone on to be absorbed into the employment market as a specialized work force equipped with skills that have enabled them to compete favorably with the rest in top tourism and hospitality establishments in Uganda and abroad. This is achieved through hands-on training, local and international exposures through internships in different hospitality establishments in Uganda, France and India. Through different partnerships with the different organizations including Swiss Contact, we have empowered and skilled over 200 school dropouts both males and females in different parts of Uganda to support them create their businesses, get absorbed in the hospitality industry in their localities, and live a safe life. This was in a bid to solve unemployment amongst the youth which was driving most of them into early marriages, drug addiction, and prostitution.


To be a model of excellence in the culinary industry.


“To provide accredited educational programs designed to enhance the growth of all current and future chefs who will be able to exhibit their skills with excellence”


  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Motivation